By Peejay Catacutan

Countless countries have fallen in the third World War and now the only hope for good to triumph is a handful of soldiers and their unlikely ally. They are all trapped and are waging a war of their own within the enemy base—a place formerly know as the Philippines.

Burgers and Cheese-mis

By Ardie Aquino and BK Pena

Featuring casual humor and a play with words, Burgers and Cheese-mis has restructured commonplace beliefs and popular expressions that we encounter in everyday conversations with unconventional connotations and puns, rightfully accompanied by colorful, comical artwork.

Burgers and Bar

By Ardie Aquino and BK Pena

Your favorite Burgers and Cheese-mis  is now twice as colorful and fun. Best read with a mug of beer.


By Stephen Dee Young and

Peejay Catacutan

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